Collect it instead

So we’ve seen in the past year that online shopping has increased exponentially, mainly due to the pandemic. While this is convenient for lots of people, the increase in deliveries direct to homes is a massive problem in terms of carbon emissions.

Companies like DPD, UPS and even Amazon are making plans to reduce this impact in the form of electric vans. But this is still maybe 1 – 2 years away. There is another alternative though.

In the picture are two of my recent purchases. The book was from Blackwells Bookshop online and the Blu-ray was from Amazon. However, for both items I didn’t get them sent to my home. Instead I used click and collect for the book and Amazon locker for the Blu-ray. These services are usually used by customers who might not be at home. This wasn’t an issue for me though.

The reason I chose these methods is because it saves on the extra journey to my home and therefore less emissions. For both items I also cycled to the collection points.

If you search properly you’ll find lots retailers have a click and collect service, sometimes at a lower delivery cost than to your home. Amazon and Hermes also have lots of collection points. If more people choose these options then it means more parcels are sent to fewer drop off points and, crucially, less emissions.


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