In with the old, out with the new for 2022

Hello everyone. How are we? Been a minute since I’ve posted. I haven’t given up quite yet though, just lacked the motivation to sit down and write. Plus life has taken up a lot of my time.

When I first started this blog the main purpose was to track the small changes that I wanted to make to reduce my impact to climate change. The target was a post per month, plus little bits of news using Instagram and Twitter. It hasn’t quite gone to plan though.

I’ve realised that changing your habits isn’t easy and requires determination at every moment. However, determined I still am.

Before starting the blog I’d already swapped to a plant based milk. I still drink oat milk. I haven’t given up dairy completely though, still eat cheese and eggs. Although the vegan cheeses that are available are a lot better than a couple of years ago. I still eat meat, although I have 2-3 veggie days a week. I’ve decided also that my diet at work will be completely vegan from this day forth. I’m also going to attempt to learn how to cook more vegan dishes at home.

Since my post about click and collect services I very rarely have anything delivered to my home. If there’s an option to collect from a store or post office then I’m quite likely to choose this option.

My shopping habits have changed too. In the past year I’ve only bought two items of clothing, a lot less than the average of 22 per person a year. One of those was the hoodie that I wrote about. The other was a running shirt that a found in a charity shop, still one of my favourite finds.

Some of the changes

In the bathroom I have almost gone plastic free. Body soap, shampoo and conditioner are all in bars now. I have made the switch to a safety razor and have invested in a blade disposal case, which are usually accepted at recycling centres (you are able to use a drinks can if you wish). I’ve been using shaving cream for years now, but the last one I bought was the first that came in a metal container. It was a little dear but it was worth it as it lasts me around a year anyway. Only my brush head is plastic but these can be sent back to be recycled. Winner.

At home I’m trying to be more conscious about plastic waste. Most large supermarkets will now accept bags and wrappers, so I save as much as I can and take them to the store every so often.

In terms of buying new, most of the time I view it as an absolute last resort. I use the library to borrow books for me and my kids, or try second hand (World Of Books is great). I’m a little obsessed with buying CDs from charity shops, my way of refusing Spotify. I’m always looking on Freecycle for a TV. Lost out a few times but not giving up.

And, whatever the weather, I will continue to cycle to work unless it’s essential that I take the car. I’ve been close to ditching the car but still have it currently. I’m most happy when I’m using it as little as possible.

I’ll try to be more frequent with the posts, I do have more things to write about. In the mean time I hope you’ve this brief post and feel inspired to make small changes yourself.


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