SHARE Oxford A Library Of Things

The shop window

I sometimes look around my apartment and think what is all this stuff that I have? Items that I rarely use. But, if I get rid of it, will I need it again?

The reason I bring this up is because it’s so easy to buy things. Most of the time we’ll buy new. However, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could just borrow the item that you need?

SHARE Oxford could be one solution. Started around a couple of years ago it’s a place where you can rent items that you might need.

From the website: “Our Library of Things enables you to
borrow instead of buy
items needed only occasionally,
such as outdoor, domestic, cooking equipment and more.”

The sign outside Makespace Oxford

SHARE Oxford recently reopened on 12 April following the relaxing on lockdown restrictions. I borrowed a projector and screen for what I thought would be 2 weeks over Christmas but ended up being nearly 4 months. It was nice to finally return it and say hello to my new friend Maurice.

What an amazing way to buy less. I think I might borrow some camping gear next.

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