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In with the old, out with the new for 2022

Hello everyone. How are we? Been a minute since I’ve posted. I haven’t given up quite yet though, just lacked the motivation to sit down and write. Plus life has taken up a lot of my time. When I first started this blog the main purpose was to track the small changes that I wanted […]

Collect it instead

So we’ve seen in the past year that online shopping has increased exponentially, mainly due to the pandemic. While this is convenient for lots of people, the increase in deliveries direct to homes is a massive problem in terms of carbon emissions. Companies like DPD, UPS and even Amazon are making plans to reduce this […]

SHARE Oxford A Library Of Things

I sometimes look around my apartment and think what is all this stuff that I have? Items that I rarely use. But, if I get rid of it, will I need it again? The reason I bring this up is because it’s so easy to buy things. Most of the time we’ll buy new. However, […]

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