My Shaving Ritual

Back in summer last year I reached out to The Executive Shaving Company. They specialise in high quality safety and cut throat razors, and everything else to do with shaving (brushes, blades, cream etc.). I asked them if they could send me some samples of their shaving creams so that I could review them on my blog. They agreed, however, all I got was a couple of tiny pots. I was kind of hoping I’d get a proper retail pot and do a sort of paid promotion, but I don’t think I’ve reached that level yet, LOL.

Before this I’d already been using shaving creams for about 5 years. I first started with a shaving soap, Taylor of Old Bond Street Coconut. It was ok, but I would always struggle with the lathering of the shaving foam. Once it ran out I switched to the cream version, which was much easier.

Last year I got my first safety razor. The main reason was to try and reduce my use of plastic. It was the Hill and Drew HDRB40 Double Edge Butterfly Razor, recommended on The Independent newspaper website. It was cheap and decent for a first one, although I would have liked the handle to be a bit longer. I still use it now but I do want to upgrade at some point. They are not cheap though, and there’s an amazing range to choose from.

One thing I have realised using a safety razor is that choosing the right shaving cream is so important. When my Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream ran out I bought a small tube of Bulldog Sensitive Shaving Cream. The natural ingredients appealed to me (baobab, oat, willow herb). The problem was the cream really didn’t work well with my new razor. The shave was really rough and painful. Man it hurt. My samples arrived soon after. These were Natural Shaving cream and Citrus Kiss Shaving cream. They were both such a joy to use. Both had a really lovely aroma about them, and I enjoyed the fresh feeling from the Citrus Kiss.

Around the same time I ordered some platinum coated double edged blades from Edwin Jagger. With this I got a sample of their Aloe Vera Shaving cream. It was a slightly larger pot than the other offerings, which retails on the website for £1.50. This was also very pleasant.

Eventually I opted for the Natural Shaving Cream. It’s lovely smelling and comes in an aluminium tin. At £18.50 it’s not cheap, but a 200ml tin will last me a year so value for me.

My shaving equipment

The bowl is an old wooden one from a previous soap (the coconut). It all takes while to shave, however making my own lather is really satisfying, and there aren’t any bad, chemically smells anymore.

Missing from the picture is the small tin that I use to recycle my blades, which I bought from Edwin Jagger. Once full I can take it to my local recycling depot (don’t think it can be collected).

Safety razors are the most environmentally friendly option. If you do still use the ones with plastic then these are now recyclable. I know you can pick up an envelope from large Sainsbury’s stores in the shaving section and use these to send to Terracycle.


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