My new hoodie

Nearly 10 years ago we went to the Isle of Wight for a weekend break. On the first day, once we dropped our bags off at our b & b, we thought we’d go for a drive. Without realising we’d driven around the whole island in about 2 hours.

One of the places we passed was Freshwater. When I looked at the sea I told my wife that I’d come back here to go for a swim. And I did the following day. It was a lovely experience. What was not so nice though was getting to the water. I had to walk on the pebbles in my bare feet and it was quite painful.

So how lovely it was to learn that the online store that I purchased my new hoodie from are based in Freshwater. The company is called Rapanui. I’d read about them in this article about sustainable fashion brands for men.

Fast fashion has become a huge problem in recent years. The average person buys more than 20 items of clothing per year. Rapanui aim to tackle this problem by only using natural products and powering their manufacturing plants with renewable energy only. When you order a t-shirt it is printed immediately to save on waste and energy.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where my clothes comes from and how often i buy (it’s not that much to be fair). Manufacturing of clothes uses a huge amount of energy and water. If I need a new item of clothes then I’ll do my research on the company first. I’ll also try to look for second hand (really missing the charity shops).

Once your clothes from Rapanui are worn out, just send it back to them. They’ll reuse the material and make something else out of it.

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