My five eco solutions

Although the What Planet Are We On podcast season has ended, I found that they have posted a bonus episode all about the presenter’s 10 favourite solutions. They’ve also posted the list online here. Victoria and Matt chose 5 each in the episode.

So I thought I’d give you my own list based on my experience since starting to make small changes.

  1. Read up as much as possible

There is lots of information everywhere and new articles published everyday. I find it hard to keep up myself. But the more you know, the more likely it is that you will want to make a change and influence others. Watch nature programmes, listen to shows about climate change and sustainability, read news websites regularly and attend zoom/teams meetings.

  1. Aim to make a regular change and record it

What realistic change do you think you can make and how often? My own aim is one per month. It won’t be easy but I’m happy to accept the challenge because I know if we all make an effort to combat climate change then we are slowing down the impact. And what better way to record than on my own blog?

A year ago I swapped to oat milk, which has one of the lowest carbon footprints. Recently I have also changed to recyclable brush heads for my toothbrush and using a safety razor. I already cycle to work as often as possible (very windy weather is the exception).

  1. Find someone who inspires you and follow them

Sometimes it is hard to achieve your goals. Try looking at the work of others for inspiration. Hit follow on social media for organisations and individuals related to nature, sustainability and climate activism. That way you’ll get lots of news in your feed that really matter.

  1. Refuse to buy, especially new

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post and Instagram but it’s worth repeating. Ask yourself is there an alternative to buying new or at all? Change you mindset and encourage those close to you to do the same. Choose ethical, fair trade and organic brands every time. This is getting easier, and sometimes cheaper, everyday.

  1. Be hopeful and optimistic. Take a moment to enjoy everything you have

Have you ever really just sat down and just appreciated things just the way they are? Are you going for walks regularly? Keep things simple.

Christiana Figueres mentions in the TED Countdown and her podcast, Outrage and Optimism, about having stubborn optimism. This really stuck with me. Be persistent and feel like you really want change to happen.

Above all, try to share your experience with other people where it is possible. Don’t try to force people to make changes, that rarely works. Instead, try to encourage and talk about all the benefits of adopting a new, more eco friendly lifestyle. The positives will surely outweigh the negatives.

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