Climate Change Podcasts

I first got into podcasts a couple of years ago. Mainly I’m into Joe Rogan orAdam Buxton. There’re both very experienced and usually have interesting guests on. I never miss Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review as I love the movies. There’s also Dane Baptiste Questions Everything, which I look forward to every Monday after discovering earlier in 2020 (remember the first UK lockdown everyone).

In October 2020 I’d heard of What Planet Are We On, hosted by Liz Bonin. I was hooked from the first episode with Sir David Attenborough. He was promoting his new film on Netflix, A life On Our Planet.

Each week Liz and her colleagues, Matt McGrath and Vic Gill, discuss different areas of climate change, addressing the current situation and suggesting how we can make changes. Every episode has been really interesting, I’m always learning new facts and finding new ways to be inspired (it’s one of the reasons I started this blog). The mindful consumption episodes were one of my favourites.

The season has ended, but I will be going back to those episodes again. That’s the great thing about podcasts, they’re all free and available on multiple platforms. Listen at home, on your commute (if anyone still does that), or while running like me.

Through What Planet Are We On I also discovered Outrage + Optimism, another great climate change podcast. The first episode I listened to was 84. The 2020 Christmas Lectures: A User’s Guide to Planet Earth. The family and I have watched the first lecture one TV. The podcast is another great example of addressing the current issues. I hope I can find the time to catch up on all of them.

If you want to change your mindset then podcasts aren’t a bad way to start.

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