Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire

First, apologies to all for the lack of posts. Like most people, it’s been a busy holiday period.

Two days ago we ventured out to a place near Didcot called Wittenham Clumps. It was our first time and we had to drive forty minutes to get there. It was so worth it though, the views were amazing.

When we got there, around midday, the car park was full (not very big). Someone was just leaving though so we managed to find a space.

One of the hills

The hills are a little steep but not too challenging. When we got to the top of the hills there were woods, which were fenced off for safety reasons, to the great disappointment of my two boys. There were benches around so we stopped to have some tea and biscuits.

I knew there’d be kites around, we even spotted some on the drive there. However, I’d never taken any pictures of them. It was amazing to capture my first images. I definitely want to return and take more shots.

A Red Kite

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