Buy everything used

These days it’s so easy to buy anything you need or want. There are so many different ways to do it too, such as online, click and collect , and good old fashioned retail. Most likely you’ll opt for brand new. However, everything I’ve just mentioned does usually have a big impact on the environment.

As a way to lessen the impact, try to consider if the item that you’d like to purchase can be found second hand instead. There are lots advantages. The price is usually less than if you’re buying new. Also you can reuse something that may have potentially ended up in landfill.

Ebay and charity shops are now my go to for anything that I really need. I love music but don’t subscribe to any services like Spotify. I love going to charity to shops to find a good CD. I also used Ebay recently to purchase a Hump backpack cover, which cost me £6 including postage.

I feel so much better for changing my mindset. I’m trying to buy less things in general. However, if I absolutely need to purchase something then I always ask myself these questions:

  1. Is it an essential item and will it be used more than once?
  2. Can I borrow it?
  3. If I can’t borrow then can I buy it used?

Whether buying new or second hand, it’s always also worth spending a little more for better quality. This way you’ll have less chance of an item breaking or wearing out.

Leave a comment if you have any other tips.

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