New beginnings…

I switched to shaving cream around five years ago. Currently I am using Taylor of Bond Street Coconut Shaving Cream. I still had a tube of gel for quick backup but also gave this up when it ran out, about 6 months ago. I use an old wooden bowl and a shaving brush to create the lather, which took lots of practice to get it right.

Changing blades has taken a little longer. I’ve been subscribing to Harry’s razors for a while but don’t agree with the plastic on it. So I recently bought a safety razor. There are lots out there, some cheap, some expensive. I chose the Hill and Drew HDRB40 Double Edge Butterfly Razor and Case from The Shaving Shack.

I’ve always used the major brand razors with the expensive blades (although haven’t tried Gilettes latest Fusion range because they are way too high a cost). Safety razors on the the other hand are relatively much cheaper to manage. I bought a 10 pack of blades from the supermarket for £2 the other day. Have a look on Ebay and you’ll find 50 blades for less than £10.

My initial reaction to this item is that it’s a bit small but still seems easy to use. The case is great as it stores blades and there’s a small mirror for those times when you’re unable to find one.

Double edged razor blades should be accepted at your local recycling depot. I will be storing mine safely inside a used drinks can, however there are special disposal tins available at online retailers, if you prefer. Check with your council if you’re not sure.

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